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Gaia 5g is here to provide the ultra fast internet you deserve – faster download speeds, real-time responses, and enhanced connectivity, to give your business and consumers the potential to experience new, innovative technology.

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Gaia5g’s data signals travel through data frequencies across three different spectrums: low-band (great area coverage), mid-band (smaller area coverage), and low-band (lowest area coverage). Unlike 4G and LTE that make use of two spectrum bands, 5G utilizes all three!

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Get reliable, high-speed internet connectivity and flexible internet connection via Gaia5g latest technology that provides high-speed internet and allows you to enhance your Internet experience on a different level.

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Gaia5g’s wifiplus can deliver wifi signal, by the pool, in the back yard, in the sleepout. Anywhere you need to get connected.

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Get the best view, watching your favorite shows in HD without interruptions or loading times.


Play your favorite mobile games with low latency and fast DL/UL speeds for quick reaction


The Satellite 5G NB-IoT NTN from Gaia5g supports UE fitting onto chipsets and enables chipset and terminal manufacturers to sustain competitiveness. It is a standardized and cost-efficient solution in compliance with open standards that increases opportunities.

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Gaia5G is up to 20x faster than LTE with fiber-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It has an almost real-time latency allowing faster response time needed for new technologies.

Movie TV

Watch Netflix with ultra fast Gaia5g connection

Get the best view, watching your favorite shows in HD without interruptions or loading times.


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I am very happy with my 5g connection. It is really fast and I have told my friends how I love it. So many people complain about their internet being slow. I referred them to Gaia 5g because I do not have any issues and service men are great too!

Morgan Trustin


We love Gaia5g! I work from home and need RELIABLE high-speed internet access. Gaia5g really delivers the speed I need. Thank you for serving our area!!

Natacha Sulivan


I have been a customer for over two years and never had a problem with the internet service and always could count on Gaia5g’s customer support team helping as far as technical support. Thanks Gaia5g!

Edward Gordon


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Experience the power you never thought possible.


As experts in innovative security solutions, we provide top-of-the-line, highly trained individuals, and technology-driven systems that ensure reliable and efficient multi-layered security defenses.


Gaia5g provides transformative mobility by offering a refined mobile broadband experience and enabling the mass digitization of businesses and industries.


The fifth generation of wireless technology promises more than just a faster network. It will help redefine the network and establish a new global wireless standard for speed.  Gaia5g network builds a bridge to the future.


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