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Unlock more possibilities with Gaia5g network


Get reliable, high-speed internet connectivity and flexible internet connection via Gaia5g latest technology that provides high-speed internet and allows you to enhance your Internet experience on a different level.

Wifi Plus

Gaia5g’s wifiplus can deliver wifi signal, by the pool, in the back yard, in the sleepout. Anywhere you need to get connected.

Movie TV

Get the best view, watching your favorite shows in HD without interruptions or loading times.


Play your favorite mobile games with low latency and fast DL/UL speeds for quick reaction.


The Satellite 5G NB-IoT NTN from Gaia5g supports UE fitting onto chipsets and enables chipset and terminal manufacturers to sustain competitiveness. It is a standardized and cost-efficient solution in compliance with open standards that increases opportunities.

High signal


Experience the next generation speed!

Fast Broadband

Celebrating with friends on an ultra fast internet is priceless

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